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What Has Changed: Ork Fast Attack

Welcome back to the latest set of WHC. In this post I will be going over the latest release of the Ork Codex but specifically the Fast Attack within it. As mentioned before, most of the information given here will be well known for Ork players so this is mainly for those that want to learn about what has changed so they will know how to play against us. So lets get on with it then.

The Old
As much as I want to take them, I just cant bring myself to do it. Stormboyz are basically Choppas Boyz with a Jump Pack and Stikk Bombs. The downside is that everytime they move they roll a D6. This number is now added to your movement but if its a 1 you remove a model as a casaulty. The reason I dont take them is that the D6 is applied to ALL movement, not just the movement phase. Its risky and expensive as they are twice the cost of a boy. Boss Zagstruk is not a bad upgrade for there guys as it solves the morale problem since he BLAMS! a boy when a morale test is failed to not fail it. With a Power Klaw striking at normal intiative, he can be pretty nasty. Two downsides is that he is expensive, 85 points (14 Boyz), and him and his squad have to arrive from Deep Strike. All in all, these guys are just too rich for my taste as I can field more boyz on the field that are more reliable and less expensive and all i lose is a D6 extra movement.

Pretty decent units if you know how to use them. Being AV 10 makes them made of paper but they are cheap since they are only 30 points. Best ways to use them are covering your other vehicles from assault or upgrading them with Skorchas and just running them up to them enemy and laying waste to their lines. The Trakk upgrade isnt all that great but being cheap costing and giving you a Ram with rerollable terrain tests.

LOVE these guys. They are the base models for most fast ork armies and they are tough to boot. Being T5 with a 4+ save and another 4+ cover save, these fellas are quite durable. They are even troops if your take Wazdakka in your army so you can field a ton of them. Their Dakkagunz are great for the unit as they are Twin-linked, S5, AP 5, and Assault 3 so being able to move 12" and shoot 18", your combat range is a 30" bubble which give you a large portion of the field to hurt. Taking a PK Nob with a bosspole is always a must as it gives you a little more oomph to the squad. Their assault is just damn good as they have 2 attacks with Furious Charge and Hammer of Wrath so they can lay down some pain. To hurt them though all you have to do is just keep shooting at them with anything but flamers do the trick really well as it ignores their cover save. They are really expensive though as they cost 4 times the cost of a boy so you will have to weigh in the pros and cons yourself, but personally I take them all the time as they can make up their points quite easily.

Not a bad unit, these guys are T5 with 2 wounds and can chomp up vehicles on the fly. Being Jetbikes, they have that extra manuverablity that they need to move across the battlefield in a fast pace to take out the heavy hitters of the opposing players army. Having Furious Charge and Hit and Run they can be a really fun annoyance for your enemies. They can be armed with a Buzzsaw, which is a power klaw, and can take either TL Big Shootas, TL Rokkit Launchas, or a Kustom Mega Blasta. You can also take Bigbomm which is a once per game item that allows your to place a large blast under and model you passed over that turn and scatter only 1D6" for a S4 AP5. It is costly to take as it nearly doubles the models cost.

The Dakkajet is just amazing. Costing only 110, this flyer has an AV of 10 all around but can be armed with 3 TL Supa Shootas that has a 30" range with a S6 AP4 attack that shoots 3 times, but the amount of shots are doubled when you are shooting during a WAAAGH! so they can be pretty damn devastating.

Good for anit-infantry, this flyer can pretty much drop napalm on your enemies. With the same AV as the Dakkajet, they arent that tough but they are armed with two Burna Bombs (S5, AP4, Large Blast, Ignores Cover, One-use only), a TL Big Shoota, and a TL Supa Shoota. Costing 125, it is more expensive than the Dakkajet, but it does have a BS of 3 with Grot Gunners.

Same AV as the other two but costing more than both of them, it really isnt the best choice. Armed with a Big Shoota, two Boom Bombs (S7, AP3, Armorbane, One-use only) , and a TL Supa Shoota, I would take one of the other two than this one.

The New

AV is still 10, but they did get a 5 point reduction. Ramshackle was hit hard as it is no longer the fun table as it was. Now, when you take a penetrating hit, roll a D6. If you rolled a 6, it is now a glancing hit. Far worse than it originally was since you had the possibility of moving the trukk even farther. Rokkit Launcha replacement is now free instead of 5 points.

Now they are only 9 points per model which is a great point cost for them. Rokkit Pack has changed as it is now a choice. You can either run your normal 1D6 or you can do 2D6 but every model takes a dangerous terrain test. Not bad, it is definitely a high risk high reward tactic since you have the possibility of moving 24" and then charging if you are in Waaagh! Nob remains the same. I might bring them now as the reduction in points is what they really needed.

Same statline and AV, but they are now 25 points and gained Outflank. You can bring 5 in a squadron now and rokkit launchas are now a free upgrade.

Statline remains the same but they are now 18 points a model. Huge price reduction for them as they were 25 points. They did lose Exhaust Cloud though but now if they turbo-boost they get a +1 cover save. I expected something like this since it was before Jink was even a rule. Unfortunately, they can no longer become troops as all of those "counts as" are now gone from the codex.

Same stat line, gear, and rules, but they are now 30 points. Replacing you BS for a Rokkit launcha or a Kustom Mega Blasta is now free of charge. Bigbomm and buzzsaw remain the same.

Stats, points, and gear remain the same. Waaagh! Plane now only gives you +1 attack for each Assault weapon, so its only 1/3 as good as it used to be. The additional Supa Shoota is now 20 points. RPJ and flyboss are still upgrades.

Everything is the same as before.

Everything is the same as before.

The Pros and Cons

  • Trukk is cheaper and RL upgrade is free
  • Stormboyz are cheaper and I like the new Rokkit Pack rules.
  • Everything that happened to Warbuggies
  • Warbikers are cheaper and the +1 CS is a pro as well
  •  Deffkoptas are cheaper and can swap guns for free.
  • Ramshackle...
  • Rokkit Pack is more dangerous
  • Warbikers can no longer become troops
  • Dakkajets Waaagh! Plane is 1/3 as good, Supa Shoota is twice as expensive
I think they did a good job addressing the problems for our Fast Attack. A lot of our stuff was too expensive and they fixed that. The Ramshackle didnt need to be changed imo. It was fine as is. Dakkajets nerfs was expected as it was extremely powerful.

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